Travel lamp

Mobilamp is a transportable and multifunctional lamp concept. It was designed focusing on the needs of urban nomads, people who move and travel frequently within urban areas. Mobilamp consists of two seperate parts. One is the lamp body, made from translucent plexiglass that includes the light source. There is a flexible rubber band attached, which can be used for carrying or hanging the luminaire, and a button to adjust the level of brightness. The second part is a base that contains a powerbank, which can be magnetically connected to the lamp to charge its battery wirelessly.
The product can be used in several ways: as a standing lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp or as a lantern to carry, providing an additional light source. It can either directly be attached to metal surfaces by magnetic connection, or mounted on various surfaces and furniture, using a reusable adhesive strip at the bottom of the base.

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